Mimi Hanbok is a rental service, helping you with your unique and beautiful Hanbok Experience. Just as America has its Barbie doll, we provide a broad variety of hanbok-related contents to bring to you, the exceptional beauty of Korea, just like the Korean Mimi doll in a more enjoyable, convenient and special way, like never experienced before.

Spend your days at the Gyeongbok Palace or the Deoksu Palace for free in Korea's delicate Hanbok and make your experience more memorable. How about leaving some photos of you in a beautiful Hanbok?

The Way To Rent Hanbok

Please contact us if you love Hanbok

Wearing a beautiful hanbok, we can have a good time.




Choosing “Hanbok”


Rent “Hanbok”


"Hanbok" Experience


Returning “Hanbok”

Hanbok Rental Guideline


01. Without booking

If you visit the shop without a booking, you will be given a specific time available
for entry according to the schedule of the pre-reserved customers


02. With booking

Please go to the Booking Status menu on the Home page and fill out the booking form and visit on the given time.

If you arrive at the shop 10 minutes after your booked time, you can come in the same way as the non-reserved customers


Choosing your favorite “Hanbok”
Hanbok Rental Guideline


01. Have a look around the shop, and choose your favorite concept of Hanbok.

Two fittings will be provided, and then there will be an additional charge of 3,000won per fitting from the third fitting.

If you decide not to rent after the final fitting, 3,000won will be charged per fitting you had.


02. After deciding on your Hanbok, pick Hanbok accessories to go with your Hanbok.

Accessories: Bag / Daenggi (Ribbon) / Ayam (Cap) / Norigae (Korean traditional ornaments worn by women) / Chignon ornament etc. for your unforgettable Hanbok Experience.



Rent “Hanbok”
Hanbok Rental Guideline


When all of the selection is completed, please prepare your ID (identification) card -as an ID card substitute,
a valid Passport or a Korean Alien Registration Card is acceptable-, rental security deposit and rental fee
and you can pay after the confirmation of your Hanbok and the accessories.

Apart from any valuables, any belongings such as your own clothes are able to be stored in the store.

Just one ID card is required from one group, and the cost of the rental deposit is 10,000won per Hanbok.

Please note that the security deposit are returned and therefore will need to pay it in cash.

More detail about the rental fee can be found in 'The Costs'.




Hanbok Experience
Hanbok Rental Guideline


Enjoy the pleasant Hanbok experience after checking out the various courses along with a brief guidance.

Use your rental time effectively in making your own special memories in your Hanbok.

We do not give customers any refunds if they return the items early.

In the case of early arrival back at the store, a beautiful lounge awaits you where you can take photos.






Returning “Hanbok”
Hanbok Rental Guideline


The rental security deposit and the belongings will be given back when the return of
the Hanbok and any accessories are checked and confirmed.

The deposit will be returned after deduction if there are any serious damages or contaminations of the items.






The Costs

  • 2 hours : 25,000 won
  • Children discount : 20,000 won (by the age of fifteen)
  • 4 hours : 30,000 won
  • Children discount : 25,000 won (by the age of fifteen)
  • all day long rental : 35,000 won (~pm 7:00)
  • All hanbok accessories are free of charge.
  • Lending for 1 night and 2 days : 50,000 wom
  • We'll wrap it in a hanbok bag.
  • There is no extra deposit.
  • Please wear it clean instead of having a deposit.
  • However, if there is any serious damage, a separate repair fee will be charged.
  • In the case of not being able to choose a Hanbok after the 2 given fittings, extra fittings can be done for 3,000 won per fitting.
  • If you decide not to rent after the final fitting, 3,000 won will be charged per number of fittings you had.
  • In the case of a late return without any notice, a penalty of 10,000 won and an additional late charge of 4,500 won per hour will occur.
  • According to the regulation, the rental security deposit will be returned after deduction in the instance of any serious damage or contamination to the Hanbok or the accessories. You may be charged an additional fee depending on the condition of the items or if the items are lost.

  • FAQ

찾아오시는 길

미미한복 영업시간

매주 수요일 휴무

오전 9시 30분 ~오후 7시 (한복대여는 오후 7까지 가능합니다.1박 2일경우)

당일 반납시간은 오후 7시 30분까지입니다.

한복대여시 반납시간을 생각하시어 대여부탁드립니다.

일요일도 정상영업합니다.

미미한복 위치

충무로역(3, 4호선 환승역) 5번 출구 앞 동화빌딩 지하에 위치하고 있습니다.

미니스톱옆 계단으로 내려오시면 되어요.

미미한복 주소

서울 중구 퇴계로 189 동화빌딩 지하 (충무로역 5번 출구)

5번출구 건너편은 남산골 한옥마을로 한복을 입고 방문하기에 아주 좋은 곳입니다.

충무로역 안내

지하철 3호선과 4호선이 지나는 곳으로 3호선을 타면 인사동과 경복궁으로 바로 갈 수 있습니다. 남산골 한옥마을이 있어 한복을 입은 상태로 한옥마을에 가서 멋진 추억도 만들어 보세요.

4호선은 명동역과 남대문시장(회현역)으로도 바로 갈 수 있는 교통요충지이기도 합니다.

Location Information

Open hours: open 7 days, 10:00am ~ 7:00pm (Hanbok rental is available until 7:00 pm).

The store is open on Sunday too.

Every Tuesday and closing.


Mimi location

Mimi hanbok is located at in front of Chungmuro station (Line no. 3, 4) exit 5 (the building CaffeBene, Donghwa building).

Donghwa Building Basement vault (use the stairs next to the MINISTOP)

Mimi address

189, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Donghwa Building Basement vault

Namsan Hanok Village, across from exit 5, is a very great place to visit in hanbok.


Guidance of Chungmu-ro station

Take subway Line no. 3, where through Line no. 3, 4 go, you can directly go to Insadong and Gyeongbok Palace.
Make some unforgettable and great memories by visiting Namsan Hanok Village in hanbok.
Line no. 4 goes to Changgyeong Palace. Enjoy a pleasant palace outing in Mimi hanbok.
It is also a transportation center from where you can directly go to Myeongdong station and Namdaemun Market (Hoehyeon station).

189, Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Donghwa Building